Flip Video Mino: What You Need to Know!

If you’re looking for a Flip Video Video Mino, or any video camera, there are a couple of quick things you need to know before swiping your credit card!

Flipvideo Ultra, Flipvideo mino, iJustine

iJustine with Flip Video Mino from Flickr

If you have no interest in video or audio quality and you just want a video camera you can throw in your pocket… stop here and go get yourself (or your kids) a Flip Video Mino.

Otherwise, please read on…

While the Flip Video Mino is gaining a lot of popularity due to contesting, a personalization option, a promised “ease of use” and a low price you may be sorely disappointed when you find out you could have gotten much better video quality for only a couple bucks more.

With ten years of broadcast television experience and recent projects working extensively with (& training) consumers to use basic video cameras I recommend the JVC Everio series (or similiar). Although they are not “pocket sized” they aren’t too bulky either and they are affordable, under 300 at Amazon, for example, depending on options. I’ve found these cameras a high a quality for consumer cameras and “plug and play” for video new comers which is well worth another hundred bucks in the long run.

So, really I’m just suggesting you look at video cameras that will give you better quality video you will appreciate later as well as a couple more options that will let you grow to add a light or external mic if you choose.

1 note that holds true for most consumer video cameras: Throw out the software that comes with it and use something else.
Good luck!

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